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Cat's Blank Stare at the Family Dinner Table Is Cracking People Up

Most pets gather around the table while you're eating with the hopes of getting some table scraps. They'll look at you with hopeful eyes just for the smallest nibble. Others might cry and cry until you give in. Seriously, how can you say no to their sweet faces! A recent TikTok video from @laerkethomsen has us dying laughing at her cat's face while sitting at the table.

Posted a few days ago, the video has over 6 million views. The clip zooms in on her fluffy orange cat sitting at the dinner table, looking very out of it. The cat's mouth is stuck open ever so slightly with his tongue peeking out. His eyes are glazed over and staring straight ahead. The cat is staying completely still while people are eating at the dinner table. Is the feline waiting for food or just there to provide entertainment? Take a guess on why you think this cat is so mesmerized! 

The cat's hilarious blank face has us a little worried about his condition. "It's on its 10th life," wrote TikTok user @Jeff. Don't worry, the cat's owner posted an update, and the cat is very much alive and moving around! 

Turns out she said in a comment that her cat was under anesthesia from the vet. His long hair gets very tangled and has to get cut by the vet, she wrote. Long-haired cats often get tangled hair and need a little more attention to keep their beautiful appearance. 

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But we can't help and laugh at some of the guesses on what happened from TikTok users! @Kat Arrtiago🦋 was onto something when she said, "Had a little too much catnip." Is this how we look after a satisfying treat too?! Maybe the cat should lay off the catnip for a little bit and us on the treats! "That cat has been to the other side 😂," added @ArntDaasvatn.

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