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Cat's Hilarious Death Stare Toward Owner's Husband Couldn't Be More Savage

Probably one of the worst kept secrets in any household is your pet’s favorite family member. There’s absolutely no missing it sometimes. Being the chosen one must feel absolutely incredible — but being the *ahem* less popular house members can really sting. Like for one man on TikTok who has to walk around his house knowing that his cat is not his biggest fan.

To be fair, cats are known for being just a bit picky about who they interact with. So it’s not really this man’s fault, right? Decide for yourself after watching the video from a creator named Amy (, who recently caught her cat Aurora giving her husband the most withering of stares. “My cat hates my husband so much she will just stare at him like this until he leaves the room,” she wrote in the video’s text overlay. “She hasn’t blinked in two hours,” she added in the caption. The look on the cat's face is just priceless.

LOL! People online were cracking up over Aurora and her very one-sided feud. “She’s trying to evaporate him with her mind,” @walmartgoth13 wrote. “I’m guessing you didn’t tell her that you took a ‘till death do us part’ vow with him,” @lulu_df mused. “She’s manifesting,” a third commenter, @Moonlitlullabyasmr joked.

But other commenters wondered if Aurora might be on to something. “Husband red flag,” @austen_ash warned. “Dude, cats have a sixth sense so trust her,” @colorfulcatnip urged. “If my cat doesn’t like him neither do I,” @Emmajanda declared.

In a second video, Amy put together a whole hilarious montage of Aurora giving her husband the cold shoulder. Although, we think it’s safe to say that he hasn’t taken the whole thing too personally.

To add insult to injury, later in the comments Amy revealed that her husband was the one who bought Aurora for her! Talk about a lack of appreciation. Tsk tsk tsk.