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Video of Cat Staring Down the Automatic Feeder Is All Of Us Waiting for Our Next Meal

When you're hungry, sometimes there's no stopping you from heading to the fridge. One cat on TikTok wasn't going to be deterred when it technically wasn't her feeding time. And now video of her waiting for her food to be deposited has people cracking up online. 

Poor Peach must've really been feeling snack-y because she was positively riveted by her cat food feeder. As the video from TikTok creator Annalise (@lilotterpop) shows, Peach was starring at the feeder like it held the meaning of life. The cat doesn't take her eyes off the food for a second. Take a look!

"Staring into the automatic feeder willing it to give the food early," the video's caption states. No judgment here, Peach. We've all been there! 

People in the comments section could feel the cat's pain. "Damn, I’ve never related to a cat so much in my life," @katiegkorn joked. "And staring at you like, 'what are you gonna do about this!'" @cocoisextra1 quipped. "Didn't you explain to her that a watched pot never boils, lol," @lonewolf_5150 teased. "The way I stare at the Whataburger window," @whiskey3020 kidded. 

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If you can't get enough of Peach and her feeder, her owner shared a second video of her patient pet. "One day I'll catch her running down the hall when the feeder goes off," the cat mama joked in the caption. 

At the end of the footage, Peach finally gets to eat! And we think we speak for everyone when we say she totally deserved it.

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