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Cat's Bold Attempt to Get a Taste of Mom's Food Is Too Cute

"Get a cat," they said. "Cats don't beg for food like dogs do," they said. They're aren't enough eye-rolls for any time a cat owner has heard that statement, because it was probably uttered by someone who has never actually owned a cat. Cats are just as bad at begging at the dinner table for human food as dogs are, and maybe more so, because most dogs can't leap onto the kitchen table as easily as cats can. 

Just ask TikTok user @FishandBonnie who was just trying to relax with a delicious burrito bowl without any assistance from their cat Fish. Watch this funny video and see if you can relate. 

LOL! the best part is his loud purring as Fish attempts to steal mom's yummy looking lunch. @Jobu would have been powerless against this, posting, "Nah. I’m sorry. The meow would’ve done it for me. He can have whatever he wants." @Jesse has personal regrets over lunch time decisions, adding, "Made the mistake of eating salmon sushi in front of a cat once. Never again." LOL, big mistake, HUGE. @Fleeksie says, "I have to put mine into another room because of this behavior." 

Cats, can't live with them, can't live without them, can't enjoy a burrito bowl in peace with them in the room. 

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