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Cat Boldly Steals Mom's Burger After She Falls Asleep and We Can't Stop Laughing

As kids, we all got away with mischievous behavior while our moms were distracted. Maybe it was sneakily watching television when you weren't supposed to or stealing a cookie from the cookie jar, but you took your opportunity when it came. Cats do the same, as shown by one cat on TikTok who saw her opportunity and jumped on it.

TikTok user @drthiccdicc6 recently shared a video of his cat jumping on a chance for a rare meal when the kitty's mom fell asleep holding a cheeseburger. This cat knew her mom could wake up any moment, so she acted fast and secured the cheeseburger for herself! Check out the video to see how this burger transfered ownership from mom to cat.

OMG, this is too funny. She was so stealthy while grabbing the burger with her mouth, but as soon as she had it secure, she moved fast as lightening to get out of there before mom woke up! If there's one thing cats have, it's the audacity.

People in the comments found this hilarious and cracked a few jokes of their own. @pokem0nmaster001 said this video "needs mission impossible music." Another user, @peteralejandre, commented, "The real Hamburglar strikes!" LOL, we can definitely see this scene playing out in an action movie about a heist.

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Others were shocked how fast this kitty moved after grabbing the burger. @jenniferbarrera76 commented, "That cat snatched up that burger so fast and then ran for the hills," and @bgonzales3 said, "I SWEAR they are just WAITING for the opportunity all the time!" Cats truly are mischievous trouble makers! Good thing we'll always love them anyway.

Hopefully this kitty got to enjoy some of the cheeseburger and her hard work to snatch the food didn't go to waste. She worked very hard to get her paws on it, so it's only fair she gets to take a few bites before mom wakes up and takes it back.

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