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Cat Gets Caught Stealing Mom’s Chicken Tender and Her Reaction Is Priceless

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably formed eyes in the back of your head because just like with kids, you have to constantly be on alert for any trouble they might be getting in. On top of that, you want to keep your parental senses tingling for safety reasons or emergencies. But we’d guess that those eyes in the back of your head are more often than not used to catch your pet sneaking some food. At least it is for TikTok user @kittenroomnrescues

Trouble ensued for this cat who thought she was sneaky enough to steal human food, but she couldn’t escape her fast-acting mom. This mom films herself trying to take back a chicken tender from the cat. Yes, a whole chicken tender! But her cat would not quit. Check out the clip to see who won the battle of the bones. LOL! 

OMG! First of all, how did her cat steal a whole chicken tender?! HA! She must've been busy with all the other rescue cats she’s taking care of. The creator wrote in the comments, “She swooped in, grabbed it, and darted off with it faster than I could process.” Something tells us this wasn’t the cat’s first rodeo. 

We can’t blame this kitty though. We’ve definitely been in her shoes before! One commenter said, “Same Doris..Same. I feel the same way when people don’t share their chicken tender 😂.” The creator responded by saying, “She could’ve asked instead of helping herself.” Is that all it takes?! Lol, we’ll try just asking next time! 

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We can’t believe this mom gave up so quickly, too. She thought the chicken tender was too dirty to eat anymore. Talk about one lucky cat! @squirrelytots pointed out, “Doris disagrees about dirty. Seasoned, not dirty. Most importantly all is hers. 😁.” LOL! Dirty for one is seasoned for another. Let’s hope this mom stands her ground a little more next time or this cat will be coming back for seconds! 

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