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Cat Tries to Steal Mom's Keys to Keep Her From Leaving the House

It seems like pets have become a little too reliable on their owners since the pandemic. They adapted to quarantine lifestyle with us being at home 24/7 and even working from home. (Don't worry, we loved it, too!) Of course, some of them now have separation anxiety. But every once in a while, we have to leave for errands and or return to in-person work. This is, unfortunately, letting down our best pals and they're begging us not to leave in the most adorable ways. 

TikTok user @kjjjjjkjkj posted a video of herself struggling with keys at the front door. It's a little difficult to see why she's having a hard time, but if you look very closely, there's a keychain stuck in the door. Take a peek at how this keychain got stuck. It's too funny! The video was posted four days ago, bringing in over over 2.8 million views and 580K likes! Clearly, this is something we all can relate to when leaving our pets. 

Her little cat really didn't want her to leave! "I didn’t even notice the lanyard until I saw them holding it💀," commented @Purplepotato. We had no idea what was happening either! Talk about one strong and determined cat! Turns out this adorable cat is named Pumpkin. Her mom wrote in a new TikTok, "Ever since Pumpkin became famous, he’s been acting different. I think he’s waiting for an invite from the Illuminati." Or he just needs you to stay home forever! 

"Plans cancelled ✅," @estaira added. Let's hope she didn't have anything important to get to because the cat definitely won, and she has to stay home now! No work, no school, no dates. "I’m sorry I can’t come to work today. My cat wants me to stay home," @Chelsea joked. @Jay added, "Him: why’d you cancel our date? Her: my cat didn’t let me go." Sounds like valid excuses to us! 

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