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Cat Boldly Steals Thanksgiving Decorations and Our Hearts

Anyone with a dog or cat can probably tell you an amazing story about a Thanksgiving mishap where their animal stole the turkey or dipped their paws into the mashed potatoes, but TikTok account @Moonflowerinteriors has a cat who just wasn't having it with the Thanksgiving table scape. 

Hide your paper handprint turkeys and your centerpiece cornucopias, because this feisty feline is over your Thanksgiving decor!

LOL, he is like THIS IS MY TURKEY NOW! He is just too funny. @Alisonmarie hilariously comments, "You don’t get to diminish his hunting skills! He caught that paper turkey fair and square." @Mogotecoyote posts, "He's like I got Thanksgiving covered!" LOL. @Gail adds, "Bringing home the bacon…er, the paper turkey." 

This cat is a turkey. Listen, he deserves the best Thanksgiving ever with some of his own actual real turkey as a reward for being an amazing hunter. Now, if he can help put away and box up the autumn decor before the Christmas decorations come out, we will be really impressed! 

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