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Video of a Stray Cat Interfering With Golfer's Putt Is a Stroke of Bad Luck

Many like to call golf a relaxing sport and we won't argue with that because well, we tend to fall asleep while watching it on Sunday afternoons. Ha! It's not our fault though. The quietness that comes over the golf course and the non-contact, non-action sport puts our minds at rest.

But one things for certain, we wouldn't sleep through golf tournaments if it looked like what TikTok user @jellysohn experienced on the golf course. He was about to chip the golf ball onto the green when a cat was by the hole. Let's just say he got a stroke of bad luck! 

O.M.G. Theres a rule in golf that says you have to play the ball where it lands. And even though a cat was blocking him from getting it in the hole, he played it anyway! He didn't make it right, but at did make par! Or as @makedemsliberalagain put it, "I think you mean 'still made PURR.'" LMAO! Exactly!!

"The cat: 'Aw you guys didn't have to invent a whole sport to play with me,'" commented @sodabottlepop5. Ha! The cat really thought they were playing with her. You can just see that the cat was more than ready to play!

This video is even getting non-golf fans excited about the sport. @lady_loula said, "If I knew golf meant playing with cats I would consider going!" Right?! Someone get us a tee time stat! @guscooney108 added, "This is the longest I've ever watched golf." LMAO! Same...sorry not sorry!


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