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Cat's Epic Attempt to Stop Mom From Leaving the House Is Absolutely Priceless

Our fur babies are some of the sweetest hellos and the hardest goodbyes, but dogs are the ones typically known for being clingy. In this popular TikTok video, though, it's a fuzzy feline trying to keep her mama from going to work! 

Luna the black cat is absolutely precious and oh-so-funny, so it's no wonder @exclusively_allie had to sneak a video of her kitty. If we had someone like trying this hard to keep us home--we'd feel so honored! She is seriously one devoted cat.

Wow, Luna really wanted to keep Allie home; she even embedded her little claws in her mom's dress! Though several commenters expressed concern that her claws might be stuck, @exclusively_allie replied with the real story: "she pats me then when I don’t listen the claws come out 😅😳," she said. Talk about a needy kitty!

With that one paw in her mom's dress and the other on the door, surely there's no way Luna will let Allie escape. "I love how she’s using her other paw to hold onto the door. She needs leverage to keep you hah," wrote @jnewberries. Well, her mama did stop to film, didn't she? Technically her plan is working! 

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"Who’s these people saying they boring because I’m a first time cat mom and they are FUNNY!! 😂😂😂," @karolmuniz69 commented. You said it! Even if cats are known for being less affectionate than their canine counterparts, that doesn't mean they're any less entertaining. 

Luna's mom totally agreed. She replied, "better personalities than most humans," and we think she's 100% right. When was the last time that a friend or partner stopped you from leaving like this?

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