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Unique Contraption to Stop Cat from Stealing Food Is Brilliant

If you’re a pet parent of two or more, you may have to keep a close eye on who is sneaking into the food bowls. You would hope each pet eats from its respective bowls, but that’s not always the case.

TikTok user @figgythefeline learned that the one cat always snuck his sister’s food. But as the two different cats were about to go on different diets, the creator needed a solution. And well, this unique cat contraption to stop cats from stealing food is a stroke of genius. Plus, it’s hilarious!

LOL! No more sneaking his sibling’s food. The device itself is on the pricey end, but the creator said they needed to purchase it because one cat was going on prescription food and couldn’t risk the other stealing that food.

@sheythestallion asked what we’re all wondering, “How does it know that it’s the wrong cat?” Great question! The creator responded by saying, “After each microchip is learned, we can assign each cat to a bowl in the app and it will only open when that microchip is detected.” Wow! Talk about fancy, high-tech stuff.

“This is one of those products that remind me how far we’ve come with tech. It solves (almost) all of our problems,” said @byesirlmao. Right?! Crazy to think how advanced we get within just a few years even. @jazzwell11 wrote, “My food-stealing cat figured out if he just keeps his head in the bowl long enough, the flap stops trying to close on him.” LOL! Once again, cats are way too smart for us!

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