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Cat's Unique and Hilarious Noises Have People Obsessed

Cats have their own special ways of showing their feelings. When they're happy you know — and when they're unhappy you really know it. Especially if they're the chatty type. One cat on TikTok is definitely vocal, but the thing that really has people talking is the unusual noises she makes. Ya' know, instead of "meow meow."

Toffee is so talkative. She always wants her owners to know what she's thinking. But what comes out of her mouth aren't the normal cat noises — they're even better. As her owner showcased in a recent viral video. "Toffee, do you want to watch TV?" her mama can be heard asking from behind the camera. And honestly you're gonna have to watch for yourself to really get a sense of what the cat's response was. 

Her owner describes Toph's noises as "quacking" — and yep, that's the only way to really explain what's going on here. "Extra long mek meks for this week’s TV Tuesday!" her owner wrote in the caption. 

The adorable footage has been watched almost 1 million times and people in the comments section were swooning. "Some of the best cat noises I’ve ever heard," @feralspacewizard wrote. "She has so much to say," @_ink_ink_ink_ teased. "Why she is so talkative when watching TV. So cute," @chunsan9226 added. "Lmao my puppy is also an iPad kid and would sell me to be able to watch birds," @yeetasaurusrex joked. 

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Honestly, we think that Toph is just really into the show she's watching. She probably doesn't even know that she's an internet superstar. We love you Toph!

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