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Video of Cat Trapped on House Ledge Has Everyone on the Edge of Their Seats

Without a doubt, your cat can find themselves in the weirdest places. But hopefully you never had the morning that one person did on TikTok, when they woke to find that their cat had gotten themselves trapped on a ledge. 

The scary footage was later shared by TikTok creator @poodletoyromeo who hails from Amsterdam. And boy, was it a shock. "When it's 5 am and you hear your cat meowing... And we really don't know how in the hell she came there," the video's text overlay reads. The footage shows the cat trapped on the ledge of a rooftop — and you might want to brace yourself before watching the video. It might just put you on edge. 

There was even one brave person who attempted to get on the roof and save the cat, but things were looking pretty dire. "How in the hell…?" the caption reads. 

With over 870,000 views, people in the comments section were freaked. "That's a very scared meow," @catnamedoliver warned. "I swear it's always the orange ones (we have one, they're unhinged, we know)," @nicrann joked. "They act like they're stuck and you do your best to help. Then they get themselves out of it like nothing has happened," @mastervibes0 quipped. 

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Many people wondered if the TikToker could open a window, but @poodletoyromeo later explained that "It’s not our window! (Or our home)," she wrote. "Where we film it from is where we live.. we walked a few rooftops to see if we can get her," she added. 

But thankfully, alls well that ends well in this case. Not without some trouble, they were finally able to get their cat down. "We got her off! It was difficult tho," she wrote.

Whew! Thank goodness!

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