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Story of Orlando Cat Who Was Given Up When Her Owners Got a Puppy Is So Unfair

It's almost impossible not to get angry after seeing the infuriating story shared by photographer Albert Harris (@aharrisphoto) of Orlando, Florida. But it's so important to raise awareness. The video shows a cat who was recently surrendered to the Orange County Animal Services. And when you see the reason why, we're sure you'll be up in arms. 

Harris' video is so important — and the over 88,000 people seemed to think so too. The footage shows a gray cat named Merci who was recently given up for the absolute worst reason. "Imagine you had a home all your life and you have been replaced by a puppy. That's the case for Merci," the video's text overlay reads. "The owner stated she got a puppy and no longer wanted Merci. She said she wasn't interacting with the puppy the way she wanted," it reads. 

"When it comes to new members of your family please be patient and don't surrender your animals because they are not interacting the way you want them to," Harris wrote in the caption.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE," @leslieland.xo exclaimed in the comments section. "My brother got a dog, it's been months and the cats are finally just starting to interact with him. It takes time for animals to adjust," @kagoyme16 shared. "I could not imagine giving away one of my babies! They are my family my world!" @shannonmayfieldholly added. "So happy merci got a second chance," @ohgoodnessheather chimed in. 

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Thankfully, Merci has found a new home, but this is an important reminder to treat your pets right.

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