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Cat's First Meeting With Kitten Doesn't Quite Go As Planned

For every one person who loves children, you'll find another who'd rather be anywhere else. Neither person is in the wrong for feeling how they do--it's just different! Not surprisingly, it's the exact same for animals. Especially for those who aren't around babies often, these new interactions can be hit-or-miss.

Unfortunately, @rkarimii's cat considered his introduction with a new friend a total miss. Not only was he confused AF about the new kitten in his home, but he was mad about it too! We'll admit, it's a little funny to see, but it's also just a helpful, realistic reminder of what an introduction can look like.

Aww, poor kitties! They look so confused and hesitant at first, but the older cat makes up his mind pretty quickly: babysitting isn't for him! Still, it's pretty dang cute to see the little one trying so hard to win their new bestie over. 

"That roll at the end won your kitty over 🥰," gushed commenter @_jeanette84_. "Or was it me it won over? 🤣." LOL! By the looks of things, it was just you (and us) who were won over by the sassy kitten. @Rkarirmii's cat is not impressed!

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Even though the "kitten [was] trying to be friends," wrote @clairebearmcevoy, "you should really [have] them do a 3 week scent before introducing." She does have a point! Lots of feline experts recommend a gradual introduction, but this is how we learn, right?

Fortunately, the tension didn't have to last for long. Though the cats did not figure out a way to get along, the comfortable kitten was only a temporary guest in their household. 

We're sure @rkarimii was sad to see the precious fur baby leave once their owner came to pick them up, but now her attention can go back to her cat. We bet he's excited to be an only child again!

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