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Video of Cat Playing Tag With Her Human Is the Best Thing on the Internet

Taking some time to play with your pet is so important. And the truth is that they really want to play with you too. Online, one energetic cat has won over the internet with her adorable attempts to get her owner to play with her. She just wanted a little attention, is that too much to ask? But you'll have to tune in to see if her efforts worked. 

The cat, who was named Andrea by her owner, was clearly trying to get his focus in a video shared on his TikTok page @thekittyandrea. Look at those little hops and her play stance! You can tell she's looking to tussle. "So cute!" her owner can be heard saying from behind the camera. But it was the way she booped her owner's foot at the end is just the cherry on top. "Tag you're it!"

The video has since been watched over 970,000 times. "Her little pearl toes," @mook3000 swooned in the comments. "THE EYES BEFORE THE LITTLE JUMP," @gotserotonin exclaimed. "Can see in the eyes that he/she is about to get mischievous," @lumiluminous1121 wrote. "I love how big cat’s eyes get when they are excited," @kate6288384718 commented. 

It must be all that kitten energy that has Andrea so playful. She just needs a box full of toys and she'll have the time of her life! But for now, playing with her papa will have to suffice. That is, if she doesn't run away from him first. 

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A follow up video shows Andrea running in and out of the room that her dad was sitting in. "I feel like she’s trying to tell me something," he joked in the caption. 

Yeah, that it's playtime! Have fun!

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