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Video of Cats With Their Tails Wagging in Unison Is Taking Over TikTok

Some people might say the simple pleasures in life are things like sunsets, clean clothes, or walking barefoot in the grass. Us animal lovers know that the best simple pleasure in life is watching synchronized cat tail wagging.

TikTok user @miesthecat blessed all of us with this simple pleasure in the video they recently posted. In their video, we see two cats, Mies and Moof, swinging their tails off the end of a bench, which is already a wonderful image. Then, the video cuts to another clip of these two kitties swinging their tails, this time in perfect unison. See all the feline goodness yourself in the video.

These two cats are simply too cute. The text on the video implies that someone told Mies and Moof's owner to stop posting videos of these kitties wagging their tails, which is a preposterous request. Never stop with the Mies and Moof videos!

The people in the comments of the video agree: this is fantastic content. @tthou_ said, "It is actually very special. Keep posting them, thank you," and @indooroutdoorkat commented, "It IS special PLEASE keep posting it." The people have spoken. Keep the videos coming!

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Others made funny jokes to highlight the synchronized tail wagging. @martaaar0drigues commented, "Synchronized tail wagging. It's an Olympic sport people, look it up." Personally, this is our favorite Olympic event. Another user, @kit709kat said, "They look like they have a riddle for me." The riddle in question: who are the best two kitties of all time?

These synchronized tail wags were such a lovely addition to our day that we've got this video on repeat!

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