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Cat's Unique Reaction to the Shower Makes Us LOL

Cats aren't usually the biggest fans of water. Sure, they love nothing more than knocking glasses of water over and watching water run from the sink, but most cats aren't notoriously huge fans of bath time. Notice we said most cats. 

TikTok user @Kmtcburr posted a video of her shower buddy and this is all just too hilarious!

What a baby! This cat just loves shower time! Or else it wants to be with mom constantly and won't let her shower in peace, LOL! @Lala posts, "I'm gonna call showers soggy time now, thank you very much." This cat loves soggy time! @SamanthaMillward adds, "Soggy cat looks super happy!" @Partyattheoldfolkshome comments, "Do you understand how lucky you are to have a water cat in your life?!" 

Now we all want our own water cat! We don't think you can train a cat to enjoy water, and unless your cat gets absolutely filthy there's really no need to bathe them. We will be leaving the bathroom door open from now on to try and see if our own cats want soggy time! 

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