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Cat’s Hilarious Way of Telling the Dog Playtime Is Over Makes Us LOL

Communication is essential in any relationship, including those between animal siblings. Even friends of different species can understand body language and helpful signals – just ask this dog and cat duo! 

These fur siblings from @costalfarm are the best of friends, but sometimes they're on slightly different pages. While the puppers is constantly ready to play, miss kitty isn't always in the mood. Luckily, she's figured out the perfect way to communicate that. We're just living for that paw touch!

OK, we can’t decide what’s funnier, the paw or the reaction! Clearly, the dog wanted to keep playing and was a bit taken aback, but we love that she took the hint regardless. “[H]e’s felt the paw of correction before,” joked @fredmonninots, but honestly, it’s probably true considering how often they’re together. 

"They play for hours all over the farm together," the video's creator replied to a comment, "but when the cats done she’s done 😂." Fair enough, girl! We appreciate a friend who sets and enforces her own boundaries.

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As dramatic as the paw boop itself is, the canine’s response is just as entertaining. It totally looked like “the dog really didn’t know what to do 😂”, just like @finite_space commented, but we lost it at the way she pawed the chair the exact same way. Copycat? More like copy the cat! (We'll see ourselves out...)

Commenter @paddy757 could guess exactly what the pup was thinking: "dog knew what the cats next move would be, he was getting out of there before he gets a beating."Judging by the look in her big brown eyes, that guess likely isn't far off! Either way, we can't help but appreciate such effective communication between playmates. 

"No words needed," @long dogs123 wrote. "[B]ody language is enough to express the rules." Now if that isn't the sign of a healthy friendship, we don't know what is--especially with buddies like these who hang out all day. Friend goals! 

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