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Cat's Terrified Reaction to His New Baby Brother Has People In Stitches

Just like any other oldest sibling who learns that they're going to have a baby brother or sister, a cat on TikTok had a pretty severe reaction to the news. The Persian cat wasn't feeling the new addition to the family. And it seems unlikely that he'll change his mind anytime soon.

It's always hard to make your pets get along. But this video makes it seem pretty much impossible. The footage was shared by Mae A. Lim (@mafeth.lim), who noticed her older cat’s discomfort with her new kitten right away. The video starts with Lim throwing a cat toy at her new kitten, who loved the attention. Completely normal, right? Just wait until you see what happens when the camera pans to the older cat.

With over 378,000 views it was safe to say that people had opinions. "LOL HE LOOKED SO CONCERNED," @jkpppop wrote. "The 'I mean, I'm still their favorite. Riiight?' face," @user1373674798378 added. "I know that look. She/he is getting ready to pounce on the other cat," @suriiyu joked. "Sometimes kids don't even want brothers or sisters. Or only one of them," @saltyorangutan explained.

While other people shared that their cats had similar reactions when it happened to them. "Same situation here. My cats took like a month to get along," @futbolkhaled admitted. "My cats hated each other for nearly two years," @getomerhere shared. While another commenter sounds like their sibling situation is pretty miserable. "We have four cats and none of them like each other," @andrewidiot8 commented. 

Can't we all just get along?