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Cat That Looks Like Real-Life 'Garfield' Is Capturing People's Hearts

Umm.. there's a LOT to unpack with the following video. We aren't quite sure where to start so let's all take a deep breath before we marvel at the absolute wonder that is TikTok users @Realifegarfield 's cat. Okay so! This cat is flipping adorable. Orange cats are ALWAYS cool and chonky orange cats are the absolute best. We would do anything for this big boy.. 

BUT umm, oh em gee we probably wouldn't have to because he seems to be doing THINGS for himself. Umm, just watch this video. Prepare to be amazed. 

Insert every shocked face emoji you can think of here. The comments on this are simply the BEST. @Tenshi posts, "He's like "Oh hooman is looking, act normal" LOLOL! He does look so guilty! @Terrywilliams adds, "He's learning how to use tools. God save use all." @Teresamarie says, "He forgot he's supposed to be pretending to be a cat! Almost caught him in the act." 

Oh my, we love him. We love this guilty fork-using chonky boy too much. Now he just needs to learn how to prepare lasagne. 

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