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Cat’s Reaction to Getting Expensive ‘Tiffany’s’ Gift Is Absolutely Priceless

The things we do for our pets and the things we buy for our pets! Toys, treats, grooming appointments, and even accessories. They’re really out here living the life. Some owners, like TikTok user @nathan_fox_was_here, go above and beyond for their furry friends to give them the glitz and glam lifestyle. Too bad it's not always appreciated in return...

Nathan decided to treat his cat to something special. A dream so many have. A Tiffany & Co gift. Yes, he got his cat a Tiffany’s present. LOL. We didn’t know the jeweler even had pet accessories, and now that we do, we’ll be asking for a raise to afford it! In the clip, Nathan brought the famous blue bag over to his prince laying down. He starts opening it up to show off the gift all excited. The cat’s reaction couldn’t be more priceless. 

LMAO! His cat looked so annoyed that he was bothering his slumber in the first place. And then he looked at the kitty collar like it was too expensive for his taste. That's why he stuck to the ribbon. Simple, cheap and entertaining. No need for anything more. 

So if you need someone to take over the collar, we think it can fit on our writs! @Jennifer Jack wrote,"*clears throat* MEOW. I just looked that up online and I can certainly pretend to be a cat." LOL! We too can pretend to be a cat. Heck, anything he wants to get Tiffany's off his hands, we're up to the task! 

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We think Nathan learned his lesson about getting something bougie for his cat. He said in the comments, “Next time, I’m skipping on the present and getting a roll of ribbon 😳.” LOL! Even the bag would do! 

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