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Woman's Hilarious Makeshift Cat Toy Is Totally Cracking Us Up

When it comes to your animals, almost anything could be a toy if they want it to be. Used toilet paper tubes, boxes, door stoppers — we've seen a lot of strange things become a toy when a pet is bored. But without a doubt we've never seen a cat toy quite like the one a woman named Miriam (@miriam.s) on TikTok came up with. You can't say she wasn't creative at least.

As Miriam explained elsewhere on her page, having a cat was never really a part of the plan. Her cat was a stray who just happened to follow her husband home one night, making the pair first-time cat owners. Everything is new and exciting to the couple, but one thing they admittedly lack is a plethora of toys for their kitty to play with. Their solution: well, it's certainly up there for the most innovative DIY toy out there. Is her solution actually sort of brilliant?

That answers it. Cats do like playing with hair it seems. "Clearly, she needs toys. Lol," Miriam wrote in the video's onscreen text. 

The video has since received almost 80,000 views and people praised Miriam for opening her heart to a stray. "Aww she’s so cute, thank you for keeping her," @iminyocloset04 wrote. "I’m so glad you kept the kitty omg," @hannahthecommie added. "You playing with him or her and showing them love," @valdezj94 chimed in, before adding a heart emoji.

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While other people shared other good toys for her cat to play with. "Awww no way you’ll learn all they need is cardboard boxes and elastics hahaha," @vivreheureuxx explained. "My cat has a literal laundry basket full of toys and her favorite toys are a big knotted piece of para-cord and three zip ties that are connected," @synfulthyngs joked. "They like Bottle caps to pretend they’re playing hockey too lol," @a2234ter advised. 

However, one commenter pretty much summed our thoughts up exactly: "She could have a hundred cat toys and will still prefer the hair," @heatherblair915 wrote.

See? All you really need is a little inventive thinking and lots of love to give an animal a happy home.

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