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Cat's Sudden Reaction to Owner Using a 'Cat Translator' Has Us Pretty Impressed

There are all kinds of trends to try with our pets these days, from new bonding activities to top-of-the-chart TikTok audios. One of the latest fads involves a human-to-cat voice translator app, though, and it has people intrigued.

When @kerriepitts and her husband tried the app in front of Pork Chop, the kitten they were babysitting, things got kind of crazy. To be fair, we'd probably flip out if a cat started speaking English to us, so we totally see where the feline is coming from. Still, it's pretty dang funny!

Aw, little guy! With a reaction like that, we can't help but wonder what that app seemed to say to this perfectly-named kitten. Was he just confused, or did the recorded meow actually communicate something? Either way, Pork Chop's reaction was way over-the-top (and way cute)--no wonder so many commenters asked what app they used! (Hint: it's called "Human-To-Cat Translator," and it's free on the Apple App Store.

We love this video almost as much as we love @wendyellen's Mrs. Doubtfire reference: “'Help is on the way dear!!'” LOL! Just like she said, this kitten's reaction is just "😂 so cute!" If that's not enough to impress you, they aren't the only cat who reacted to the audio either. 

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"All three of my cats came flying from different room😳," commented @grimcrow1. Dang! Clearly, this app is telling cats something interesting, and we'd be lying if we said we feel a little left out. We want to know, too! Although, comments like @eclectic_pisces' make us think twice. 

"I used this app and my cat pooped on me," he wrote. "Can confirm it works." Wait, what? Is that what he wanted the cat to do? We have so many questions, here, but it feels better not to know. 

We're more on par with @bouncy420, who wrote, "I need cat to human 😂 [translation]." Right? Even if it didn't technically work, how funny would that be? 

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