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Cat's 'Master Plan' to Trap His Fur Siblings in the Basement Is Tough to Resist

Anyone with more than one fur baby knows they don't always get along, even if they seem like they love each other. Sometimes, one of your pets is sick of sharing your attention and will do whatever they can to eliminate the competition. One woman's cat devised a 'master plan' to remove his siblings from the equation and it's too good to miss.

TikTok user @mrmilothechonk recently shared a video of her cat, Milo, and his evil plan to trip their Golden Retriever, Beckham, and black cat, Poppy, in the basement of their new house. This kitty wants his momma's undivided attention, and he isn't afraid to resort to trickery to get it! Check out the video to see how Milo executed his shrewd scheme.

OMG, this is one sneaky cat! We can't help but laugh at how coordinated and precise this plan was. We bet he had been working on this since they moved into the new house!

People in the comments couldn't believe this sweet looking kitty is so devious. @thatsn0tmyrobot said, "Milo is a little supervillain and should be protected at all costs," and @mandamdl commented, "He is diabolical, and we love him." Milo is not afraid to do what needs to be done in this house!

Others found this whole video hilarious. @thatswheird commented, "I can't with Milo. Poor Beckham, but also, he needs to stop falling for it!" Another user, @miss_ash01, said, "It's Milo's world, you're just living in it." No one can stop this kitty from executing his sneaky plans!

We just can't get enough of this video. From the way Milo flops in front of the door to casually close it, to the way Beckham and Poppy are standing at the top of the basement steps waiting for someone to open the door—it's all brilliant. Maybe Milo can eventually be convinced to use his genius for good instead of evil!

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