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Cat's 'Evil' Plan to Trick the Dog So He Can Steal Mom's Attention Backfires Miserably

We’re sure you’ve heard the rumor that cats are *gulp* evil. But there's no way that's true — right? Ehhh, it's hard to say. While some cats might be angels, the evidence to the contrary is only getting bigger by the day. And now ,a video that’s going viral on TikTok is making the whole cats-are-evil thing straight-up hard to ignore.

Apparently, one TikTok creator’s cat has a "bad habit," but things recently went to a whole new level of strange. As Erika of @mrmilothechonk explained, her cat Milo likes to trap their dog in his crate. “He goes and sits in it. And waits for Beckham to come in,” she explained in the video’s onscreen text. Then Milo quickly leaves “and partially shuts the door,” before tattling to his mommy. 

When Erika recently took the crate away because Beckham was too big for it, Milo wasn't "confused" — he was angry. Watch how he responded.

Some people in the comments section were sort of freaked out by Milo’s response. “Omg, he’s already plotting a new technique,” @.tsundere_ wrote. “His villain origin story,” @Anatdrvc joked. “May I suggest writing your will immediately and making sure you have life insurance,” @keikeithequeen94 added. “You'd better hope he doesn't learn how to lock your bedroom door,” @michael_yeahthat_michael agreed.

And other people urged Erika to keep Beckhams’ crate around. “Crates aren’t only for puppies! They can be a good retreat place for dogs as well. And Milo will be happier,” wrote @brighteyespentix. “You don’t need to remove the crate! Just don’t lock them in anymore. Their crate is their safe space,” @mr.picklles explained. “You should keep the crate,” @justarizonaa chimed in.

In a second video shared on the TikTok page, Erika shared that this wasn’t the last of Milo’s evil deeds. As she explained in the video’s onscreen text, she was confused when she noticed that Beckham wasn’t in the living room with him “like always.” “I had a feeling this evil genius had something to do with it,” she wrote, referring to Milo, of course. She finally found Beckham trapped in her bedroom closet. And who was there, “lurking in the corner” during the rescue? “This little menace," she wrote.

 Sigh, we guess evil never rests. Or as Erika herself wrote — “The drama continues."