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Cat's Reaction to Trying Spinach for the First Time Has Us Obsessed

Veggies aren't everyone's favorite--we get it. There are about a hundred other things we'd rather be snacking on if we're being totally honest, but as for Chomp the cat? Well, we'll let his name do the explaining. 

This adorable black cat is one part of @alt_herbey, an entire TikTok account dedicated to Chomp and his fur sibling Herbey. Despite the account's name, it's been Chomp gaining extra fans for his recent food reviews, and it's pretty easy to see why. Not only does this inquisitive kitty have a wide taste in snacks, but he really, truly lives up to his name. 

You're going to want to have your sound up for this one!

OMG! Don't you just love his little nibbles? They're so gentle and cute, even once he knows he loves the spinach! When @mona1020304 commented, "healthy eating is his lifestyle 🥰😂," his mama had to reply and agree: "He loves it! I think spinach is his favourite by far!😹." 

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His mama also gets brownie points from us for using the tiny microphone. This is practically ASMR! If that's the kind of content you enjoy, you'll definitely want to take a scroll through this kitty's account--Will Chomp Chomp is a crowd favorite! 

In fact, this little video series is so popular with their followers that folks are suggesting new foods for him to try! "One of my cats used to steal pancakes off the plate," @addi996 shared. "Maybe pancakes!" We second this vote wholeheartedly, though we think we know if Chomp will chomp. 

"Chomp loves trying to steal pancakes in the morning!😹," his mama replied. We knew it! We'll keep our fingers crossed that that taste test is coming soon--if he doesn't steal any first, that is!

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