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Cat's Polite Way of Asking for a Tummy Rub Couldn't Be Sweeter

Since their domestication, cats and dogs have had humans wrapped around their paws. They know exactly how to act or look in order to get what they want, and we comply every time. This one cat has a surefire way to get what he wants, which we get to see in this precious video.

TikTok user @justmeandmykitten recently shared a video of her orange cat, Cheese, making a humble request: tummy rubs. Cheese's owner was helpless against his charm and easily gave in. Check out the video to see how Cheese ropes his owner into giving him belly rubs every time!

OMG, this is just precious. Cheese meows to get his mom's attention and then flops on his side with his tummy showing to convey what he wants. We would be helpless against this sweet kitty!

People in the comments are falling in love with Cheese. @hannahissangya said, "I can’t handle his cute little chubby face!" and @caitihana commented, "Please tell Cheese I love him." We can't imagine anyone why anyone wouldn't love Cheese!

Others mentioned Cheese's act of betrayal at the end of the video. @sanguines_rose commented, "They're like sour patch kids, but you’ll do it again," and @a.g_mez said, "My roommate's cat always does this then proceeds to bite my hand immediately." Rubbing the warm kitty tummy is worth the risk of the bite!

It seems like Cheese has his owner well trained, but we can't blame her for doing what he wants. His sweet way of asking for a tummy rub is practically hypnotic! Perhaps Cheese has some special kitty magic that keeps us willing to risk hand bites to rub his belly.

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