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Cat's On-Point Reaction to Hearing a Tuna Can Open Could Be in a Commercial

We've probably all gotten in a sing-songy or dancing mood when you see your food coming in the restaurant. You just can't help yourself because well, you're starving and you're just so excited. Or maybe you aren't even starving, but you've just been looking forward to a certain meal all day long. That's why the songs and dancing starts coming out. Trust us, we've all been there!

We think the only things that get more excited about food than us are our pets. For example, TikTok user @kitkat4ever2 captured the same sing-songy routine we do with her orange cat. In the clip, she was opening up a tuna can and out of left field her cat came running. You'll be LOLing once you see this cat's reaction and hear the song! 

O.M.G. Is this not the most relatable thing? LOL! Her cat seriously came running and not just sprinting over to the tuna can, but she was singing while she came. A beautiful song we might add! "They can hear that but when you call them they act like they can't hear you 😆," commented @paigenmarc. LMAO! This is the truest thing we've heard. It's called selective hearing! 

"Singing for his supper 🎤🐈," wrote @fleameow. Been there, done that! @libraleslie9 added, "Had to make sure you hear him." LOL! Maybe it wasn't a song for his excitement, it was a song to make sure the house knew he was hungry and wanted to eat that! He was definitely doing what @YinYang Cats said. The comment reads, "He's giving you his food order 😂😂." And she better get it exactly right!

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TikTok user @ellynp13 confirmed that this cat is just like us. Her comment said, "I make the same sounds when I see chocolate 🍫😆." Ha! Honestly, any food gets us excited like this, but yes, chocolate is a special one for us too!

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