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Video of Cat 'Falling in Love' with Unborn Baby Is Priceless

Animals are extremely intuitive creatures. Many mothers have said that their dogs or cats could tell they were pregnant before they knew themselves, and would become protective of their unborn sibling. One mom shared a memory from of her cat displaying some of this animalistic intuition when she was pregnant.

TikTok user @maitecaladoreyes recently shared a video of her black cat laying on her pregnant belly. In the video, the baby kicks and the cat has the sweetest reaction to the movement. Check out the video to see how this kitty and baby are bonding before she is even born!

Awwww, this is just precious! This kitty felt the baby kick, and he adjusted his head so it was closer to the movement, then closed his eyes and relaxed. He must have felt very peaceful in that moment!

People in the comments are amazed at the relationship that is already forming between the baby and the cat. @beena.amora said, "The baby will have a vampire-cat protector, the best friend ever!" in reference to the kitty's protruding teeth, like fangs. Another user, @gipsywitch, commented, "Cats are divine creatures... He is protecting your baby. My dog and cats were like that." How lovely of these animals to bond so quickly with their unborn human siblings!

Others seemed to notice that the kitty smiled when the baby kicked. @ph0enix_14 commented, "It looked like he smiled. I can't be the only one that saw it," and @secret_agent_rei said, "It looks like he smiling when he feels the kick." We definitely see a smile on this cat's face!

What a sweet moment captured on video! This mom is going to treasure memories like this forever. We can't wait to see how the relationship between the baby and the cat continues to develop as the baby grows up!

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