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Cat's Unique Way of Relaxing on the Couch Has Meme Written All Over It

We're so thankful social media has come alive with video after video of animals just being animals. People have captured moments that we probably would've never seen in our lives. From typical pets like cats and dogs, to horses and cows. We've really been able to see it all. Ok, so maybe not all! Because just when we thought we figured out animals, there's a new video that makes us laugh. 

Take for instance this TikTok clip from user @summersharkk. Even as a cat owner, she said in the caption that this was a new one for her. Her cat is hanging out on the couch, lounging, and it even looks like the cat is deep in thought. But what really got us is how the cat is laying on the couch. We bet you haven't seen a cat do this before! 

LMAO! Is that cat serious?! We have never ever seen a cat do this. She's laying on the couch normally, but it's her back paws that really get us. They are kicked up on the armrest. Ha! Are we sure she's comfortable? Because it seriously looks like her legs are broken. (Don't worry, they aren't!) 

"I didn't even think cats' legs bent this way😂," commented @Jayna Hoffacker. Right?! Neither did we but apparently they do! This cat is doing what @coffeelove247 said, "Cat 🐈 yoga." Maybe we need to get on this yoga trend too so we can be flexible like this cat!

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TikTok users are having a field day with this and commenting on what this cat position reminds them of. @ohheyitstrish said, "Me a teen in the 90’s waiting for my bestie to call." HA! Twirling around the phone cord waiting for what seems like hours. It's all you could do before cellphones and texting! @Jennifer Tenorio added, "It's giving 'No YOU hang up.'" Oh yes, the classic phone calls with your S.O. Or maybe this cat is expecting what @Sam Amador wrote. The comment reads, "She waiting for the gossip." LOL! She's in the position to embrace all the tea. Whatever she's trying to do, she looks very comfortable. Maybe we need to try laying like this too!  

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