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Cat's Sweet Bond With the UPS Guy Is Making People Smile

You never know who is going to love your cat. It might be your bestie who always hangs at your house — or maybe even a relative or two. But it's the charming relationship between a cat and a UPS delivery man that is absolutely melting our hearts. They love each other so much!

Video of Koda greeting her favorite person recently went viral on TikTok. The footage, later shared on her page @kodykodykodachrome1, shows the cat before and after meeting her BFF. "Me just having an average day as an office cat when the UPS guy walks in to deliver a package," the video's text overlay reads. But then BOOM. A fated day brings her and the UPS guy together. 

"It's love at first sight and he starts bringing me treats everyday," the text overlays states. "I look forward to seeing him everyday now," the caption reads. 

The comments section was just as in love as we were with this adorable pair. "I’m not crying over a small UPS hat on a cat . I’m not crying over a small UPS hat on a cat…." @badgurlstacy joked. "Look how happy that smile is! Probably lights up that man’s day," @alliecampbell52 guessed. "Omg. I want to come back as an office cat in my next life," @rubiconrunner joked. "UPS going above and beyond!" @emilydds teased. 

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Another video on the TikTok page shows the cat and the UPS worker having a moment together. "I love a man in uniform," the video's text overlay reads.

"My favorite delivery," the caption joked.

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