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Cat's Irritated Reaction to His Owners Returning From Vacation Is Priceless

Whether you're in the mood for adventure or relaxation, vacations can be so much fun. Practically the only downside to a trip to paradise (aside from the trauma to your bank account) is that you may be missing your pet while you're away. Reuniting with your fur baby is definitely the highlight of returning from vacation, but it's always interesting to see how animals react when their loved ones come back home. 

For @allie_garrett, a TikTok user, cat mom, and newlywed, returning home to her gray cat Milo was quite entertaining. She and her husband had been gone for a week, but their furry friend had a lot to say about it. Take a look!

That is one angry kitty, but we can't possibly be the only ones laughing. His meows are just so expressive! We love what @amongthemarigolds said in the comments about it, too: "The second meow was so accusatory 😂." It so was! Just like @inkwell90 wrote, it's like "he’s yelling at you guys 😂."

Poor Milo--he must've hated his alone time! @Allie_garrett mentioned that her mom had been checking in on the kitty every day while the couple was away, but, as you can tell, not even Grandma can fill in for Mom and Dad. 

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"Oh him was pissssssed!! 😂," wrote @shanalaudon. Yup! Even though Milo's parents are laughing at his distressed meows, any pet parent knows the guilt they're feeling, too. It's so, so difficult! 

Then again, this kitty could have acted way worse while left to his own devices. Commenter @_r4velt revealed, "I’ve left my cat overnight twice now and when I returned she protested by zooming and howling ALL night my first night back both times. 😭." Oh no! That does not sound like fun, though it helps many--OK, some--pet owners appreciate any quieter and less disruptive displays of anger. Maybe Milo isn't as grumpy as we think he is! 

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