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Cat's Pitiful Reaction to His Mom Leaving the House Is Breaking Everyone's Hearts

It's always so hard leaving your furry friends at home, especially when they don't understand why. No matter how many times you tell them that you'll be right back, they're still sad when you leave. And trust us, if we could fit them in our pockets, we would bring them everywhere with us! But that's just not realistic. Some words of advice if we may; don't record your animal's reaction when you leave because you'll never want to leave again! 

TikTok user @nimbus_siberian's mom made the mistake of filming what Nimbus would do when she left. And well, he was not a happy camper especially since the dog went and he didn't! The sad clip has over 1.4 million views. She wrote in the caption, "I felt so bad 😭 never leaving the house ever again." 

Aww, this is breaking our hearts! We feel like cats normally like their alone time, but this poor fella didn't want his mama to leave him. He is going to need an exceptional apology from her the second she gets home.

"The disrespect," commented @Faith Swinno. The creator responded by saying, "Never again 😭." And we are holding her to that! You can't do that to Nimbus! To be fair, she did write in the comments that they tried using a cat backpack with him but he hates it and hides anytime she brings it out. 

TikTok users are heartbroken but also confused about how Nimbus sounded like a dog with his meows! @.tulipfrz asked, "But why did he start barking?" And she responded with the claim that Nimbus is "A bilingual king 👑." LOL. Smart and cute. He's a keeper for sure! 

Don't worry, Nimbus got the happy ending he needed. His mom took him outside on the leash without his doggie sister. Aww. We're so glad he got his special time with her.