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Video of Cat 'Using the Microwave' Has People in Awe

Microwaves are a miracle of modern technology. They warm up our coffee when it gets cold, they reheat the leftovers we have for lunch, and most importantly, they make us popcorn when we are too lazy to make it the real way.

So why wouldn't a cat love this home appliance as much as we do? TikTok user @GrumpyGusTheCat shows us their cat Gus Gus in this hilarious video, and he seems to know exactly what the microwave does. At the very least, he likes the beeping noises it makes!

Here's the kicker if you didn't catch it, he pushed the button for "fish filets!" LOL, smart kitty. @Trishasmith972 posts, "They’re evolving. Wont need humans ever again. Give a cat tuna, he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to microwave a fish fillet, he don’t need you anymore." LOL! @Lisadcomments, "Hint, hint!! Smart kitty!!" @Ultradelightful says, "Gus is hangry!!!" 

Sure, there are some doubters in the comments, but take it from any cat owner who has seen their own cat randomly turn things on by swatting at it or stepping on it and we can totally see how this can happen. Now someone get this big boy some fish sticks! 

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