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Cat Patiently Waiting by the Window for His Squirrel Friend Is Just Too Cute

Most cats will chase squirrels or downright ignore them, but one furry feline is ready to break the friendship barrier. TikTok pet dad @sethstannard shared this cute clip of his kitty named Triton (his doggy brother is named Poseidon!) waiting patiently for his backyard bestie to come to visit. 

In just a few seconds, curious Triton is positioned right at the door, so he'll be the first to see when his squirrel friend stops by. The anticipation in his body language is palpable, but the way he plops his booty down to wait is too cute to miss. Take a look for yourself!

Okay, we'll be the first to admit that we thought Triton would lunge at the squirrel. There's only a screen door separating them, after all! But with the squirrel feeder positioned right outside the door, Triton and his doggy brother are probably more than used to these kinds of visitors. 

We weren't the only ones to think this way, though. Commenter @vonhoffenfloffen said, "pretty sure that ain't his friend mate 😅", while @littlehouselabs shared, "People anthropomorphizing animals will always fascinate me. :D not friend, food." 

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Though it could be true, we don’t see Triton making any moves to attack the squirrel. Plus, it’s so fun to see their mutual curiosity, so we’re calling them acquaintances, at least.

“Ah we meet again old friend,” commented @pumpkinfur. This perspective gives the relationship a frenemies, or even nemesis vibe, which could totally be the case as well. No matter what their relationship status is, @sebousebas is right about one thing: “He knew that the squirrel was coming.”

The other important detail of this "chunk friends 🥰" relationship, as @matpianist calls it, is the bizarrely huge size of this squirrel. Just look at it! Even before viewers can see the fluffy tail, it's clear this is one large rodent. Or maybe one small cat?

For now, TikTok is collectively holding its breath in anticipation of the next video from @sethstannard and Triton. Fingers crossed for a squirrel update, too!

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