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Video of Cat Patiently Waiting for the Mailman Couldn't Be Sweeter

Pets and mailmen have a love-hate relationship that has stood the test of time, but one adorable video has us rooting for them to finally be friends. That's right--both the animals and the mail carriers secretly love the teasing from one another (even if it isn't so secret sometimes). TikTok user and cat mom @marisajaffe uploaded the sweetest clip of her tabby cat that proves exactly this, and we just can't get enough. 

It may only be 15 seconds long, but the precious video could give us eternal life. Just wait until you see the smile on the mailman's face!

OMG! Don't you just love these friends? There's no doubt in our minds that the tabby is living for this moment, and the mail carrier does an amazing job of making it fun for them both. He's such a caring, fun person! Of course, he's gaining fans on TikTok left and right.

"Umm is that man the cutest or what????" asked viewer @sarahwoodward40.  He totally is! We could immediately tell that he loves animals and his daily interaction with this cutie. And the wave? Just adorable!

Commenter @abbykilgannon isn't the only one to admit, "well, now I have a crush on your mailman." We're sensing a theme, here! It is hard to resist someone who plays with kitties as joyously as this man, so we get it. Heck, we're rooting for @marisajaffe to strike up a relationship with him, too! If that's what she and the mailman would want, of course.

"Is this a new Lifetime movie?" asked @suziqbug. LMAO--it just might be. Guess we've all got to stay tuned!

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