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Cat Impatiently Waits for the Automatic Feeder to Go Off in Hilarious Viral Video

There are some days when making it to lunch time is such a struggle. This is why a video of a cat impatiently waiting for his automatic feeder to release her food kind of makes sense to us. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry! And there’s no way this kitty was going to wait for a feeder to tell her when to eat.

Footage of Nelly giving the feeder the business first went viral back in 2021, but has recently bubbled up all over again. The footage starts with Nelly carefully poking around her feeder, just checking things out. “When the feeder goes off at 11:30, but it’s only 11:12 and you can’t tell time,” her owner, Nina, (@ms.nellsbells) wrote in the TikTok video’s onscreen text. The footage shows several clips of Nelly waiting for her feeder, each time getting more and more annoyed with her lack of food — and her mounting frustration is actually sort of hilarious. Wait until you see what she does.

 The video has racked up over 36 million views, which leads us to believe that other people understood Nelly’s pain. “Looks like kitty is pleading with the cruel timer,” @Strawbz2 noted. “Cat looks a bit fed up!” @Boldrick180 teased. “I swear cats can tell time,” @ckfninetyfour shared. “My husband worked an hour later than usual today and our one of the two cats we have had a FIT and yelled at the door.” “Then he gets 9 pieces,” @imsogray joked.

Other people weren’t feeling the feeder at all. “In my house my cat eats when he wants,” @roby23112 explained. “Ahh I feel so bad for him. If my cat did this I think I would have two timers. One set a min or two before this one goes off. Hopefully to get ready,” @Ladyearthly wrote. While @desidollars2021 simply put it this way: “Baby suffering!!!”

Later in the thread, Nina explained that Nelly is a “very happy cat” and was recommended to use a feeder by multiple different veterinarians. “All of whom have advised against free feeding. All cats are different,” she added. “Just like people.”