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Video of Cat Anxiously Awaiting Dad's Return Is Just Too Sweet

You know who always seems to have the tightest bond with a pet? The exact person who was reluctant to get one in the first place. Without fail it's almost always them! But having a pet can really open your heart to animals, just like it did for one man who is now BFFs with his cat Nugget.

Nugget is the sweetest kitty, and his toothless smile has attracted so many people to his TikTok page @toothless.nugget. Another major fan? His papa. As was illustrated in a video of Nugget impatiently waiting by the front door for his owner to come home. "When your husband didn't want a cat but now they've become inseparable and this is how your cat waits for him to come home," his mom joked in the video's onscreen text. "He’s waiting for his best friend," the caption states. Just look at how intently Nugget is staring at the door. This little guy is going to be so happy when his dad returns. 

Over 1.5 million viewers were right there with Nugget as he waited. And many of them were smitten by his devotion. "That's the sweetest," @hmv2015 wrote. "Awwh! This cat waited so patient! He miss his dad a lots!" @littlewolf2494 gushed. "Awe! My cat knows my sister's van and runs to the door when she gets home," @mommarobin532 shared.

Another man admitted that he had been skeptical before getting a pet too. "My kids wanted a cat, so I folded thinking I'd have nothing to do with her. Now that sweet purr ball is my bestie. I adore her," @jeffinaz81 chimed in. 

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So there you have it. Pets really can change hearts and minds.

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