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Cat's Kind Gesture Toward Dog Having a 'Bad Dream' Melts Our Hearts

There is a dirty rumor out there that cats and dogs don't get along. But in many households that just isn't true. In fact, one TikTok creator shared just how much her two animals get along in a video where her Tortoiseshell Cat was comforting her Border Collie. You have to check it out! 

As the video shows, the 24-year-old TikToker @stonedfemme has two pets who really care for each other. Her poor Collie seemed to be having a nightmare. His quiet cry is just heartbreaking. Don't be scared little guy! The video then shows his fur sibling clocking his discomfort and then he does the most heartwarming thing. 

The cat comes over and wakes the dog up from his nightmare. It's the most loving gesture ever. "When someone says cats hate dogs show them this video of my cat waking my dog up from a bad dream, the video's caption reads.

The comments section was all about these two caring creatures. "Aw, she was saying it’s alright, puppy," @angeldrummerboy wrote. "Well how precious is that I ask you?! Kitty loves his friend and doesn't want him distressed," @cmccrory0581 gushed. "Oh No! The invisible squirrels are attacking my brother, don't worry mom! I'll SAVE HIM!!!" joked. 

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And other commenters shared that their cats and dogs are best buddies too. "So sweet! my cat loves being near my dog," @a.ham54 commented. "My childhood cat and dog LOVED each other and were the best of buds," @deepfriedchickennugget_ added. "My cats do this to my dog," @massofcats admitted. 

This pup must feel so good that he has someone looking out for him. We know these two must take care of each other all the time!

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