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Mom's Attempt to Train Cat to Wake Up Kid Before School Is Priceless

Every parent wishes they had full time nanny or a live-in assistant to help with household tasks and childcare. Having someone to take over even one simple task would be a huge help for many parents. Well, one woman decided to put one of her cats to work around the house by training him to wake up her kid in the morning before school.

TikTok user @reznor_the_cat recently shared a video of her orange cat, Reznor, training for his new job. In the video, the kitty is tasked with the very important job of waking his sibling up for school in the morning! This is Reznor's first day on the job, so check out the video to see how well he does during his training!

Wow, great job Reznor! He definitely struggled a little bit at first because he went to the wrong door, but we loved his effort! We know with just a little bit more practice, Reznor will be promoted to manager of morning wake up duty in no time!

People in the comments thought this kitty was too funny and imaged what he might have been thinking in that moment. @hela5417 said, '"I'm not paid enough for this, do it yourself,"' and @trashpandaathletics commented, 'He said, "Oh well, I tried. Time for a nap."' After the first attempt at the wake up call, Reznor was not ready to try again!

Others just thought this kitty was adorable and reminded them of Garfield. @lexussdiazz commented, "He is the cutest cat I’ve ever seen," and @unicornpops11 said, "Your cat reminds me Garfield. So cute!" We would to have such a precious kitty waking us up every morning!

We think it's so sweet that Reznor is trying to help out around the house. If this kitty really wants to help, maybe Reznor can learn how to take the kids to school next!

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