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Montage of Cat Cautiously Waking Up Her Owner Every Morning Has People Cracking Up

TikTok creator @ellawatchestv_ is one lucky woman. Not only does she have the sweetest cat named Ella, but she got a personalized alarm clock in the deal, too. Video of Ella waking her mama up every morning has gone viral online, and in our humble opinion Ella beats the alarm setting on your cell phone any day.

A montage of Ella’s best morning moments was recently compiled and shared online by her mama, and the results speak for themselves. “Every morning, I am greeted at my bedroom door by Ella,” @ellawatchestv_ wrote in the video’s text overlay. The footage shows Ella cautiously peeping over the door frame to see if her mama is awake — and once she sees that she is, it's on! “She wants me to put on the TV,” her owner joked in the video’s caption. Her little expression is absolutely priceless! 

People in the comments section were just as smitten with Ella’s daily wake up calls. “Ella has me wrapped around her little paw. Especially with her little head tilt. Also, the first clip with her standing up is so cute,” @toshabrunner wrote. “Love your sweet Ella!!! Her little head peeking around the corner,” @melissalouise80 agreed. While we agree with a third commenter whole-heartedly. “The cutest alarm clock,” @catladytails added.

In a second video, @ellawatchestv_ again joked that when she got Ella “I thought I adopted a cat, but actually I adopted a grandma who waits by the bedroom door and gets mad if I don’t turn on her programs.” Although to be fair, she did adopt a senior cat.

Now, if only Ella could the coffee started. Then we'd really be impressed.