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Video of Cat Casually Walking Home With 'His Buddy' Totally Made Our Day

When we were kids, we always loved having a best friend who lived in the same neighborhood as us. Any time we were bored or wanted to get into some mischief, we knew our neighborhood bestie is the first one we would turn to. Outdoor cats seem to have a similar mindset, as seen with one neighborhood duo in Norway.

TikTok user @hcj1976 recently shared a video of her cat, Nils, making his way home at the end of the day. The kitty walks along the neighborhood streets with what Nils's mom calls 'his buddy,' and they look like two peas in a pod! They walk on separate sides of the road, but continue to look over at each other as if they're deep in conversation. Too cute! Check out the video to marvel at this display of feline friendship.

Aww, Nils and his friend are awesome! We love that these two have each other to be trusted companions in the neighborhood. It's good to always have a buddy with you when you go out!

People in the comments are amazed at how cute and fluffy both of these cats are! @paulac19675 said, "You could see his tail from the moon, it's so fluffy!" and @canuck_spoon commented, "Those are huge cats! I need a comparison to something… they look bigger than my Border Collie." It's amazing how much bigger cats look when their fur is very fluffy! This makes them great for cuddling.

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Others loved that these two cats were best friends. @fluffymcnuggets5 commented, "The tail straight up! Having the time of their lives." Another user, @violettesemaan1, said, "They are the best of mates. Strutting around like they own the streets." I wouldn't want to be caught stepping out of line by these boss kitties!

We just can't get over this awesome cat friendship. We think all neighborhood pets should have a best friend to prowl the streets and go snacking with!

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