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Precious Cat Who Hasn't Been Adopted Because She 'Walks on Her Elbows' Makes Us So Sad

Sometimes it can take certain animals at shelters longer to get adopted than most others because of certain unique traits that they have. However, these furry friends are still very deserving of a loving family! One cat with some unique traits is having trouble finding her fur-ever home, and we are so sad for her!

TikTok user @thereidshow recently shared a video of her black foster cat, Valeria, and said she has not had anyone interested in adopting her because she "walks on her elbows." This kitty seems so sweet, we can't help but feel sorry for her! Check out the video to see how sweet and wonderfully unique Valeria is.

Awww this kitty is too cute. We think her way of walking just makes her more fun and exciting. The caption on the video says that Valeria is available for adoption in Oregon at Cat Rescue Adoption Network. We hope she finds a family soon!

People in the comments were gushing over this cat. @user4465174247259 said, "OMG, I know she going to get a forever home soon!" and @baked_mom_and_catmom_420 commented, "She's absolutely precious and beautiful." Valeria is truly such a special cat deserving of a special home.

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Luckily, this video seems to be sparking some interest from potential adopters! @paralysisatmidnight commented, "Where in Oregon? I’m about two hours south of Portland and would love her." Another user, @plantsandfurbabes, said, "I'm in Idaho and will make the drive this weekend!" Hopefully Valeria finds her purr-fect family soon!

There hasn't been any update on Valeria yet, but we are hopeful that one of the many people who commented their interest in her on the video are going through with her adoption! We know someone will recognize how special she is soon.

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