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Cat's Precious Way of Asking Mom for Cuddles Is Too Good to Resist

Cuddles are a universal and cross-species way to express love. We know that when we curl up close with another living being, we do so because we love and trust them. This is why it is so heartwarming when our animals ask to cuddle with us, just like this kitty did with her mom.

TikTok user @megtails42 recently shared a video of her Ragdoll cat, Lizzie, asking her mom for cuddles. In this adorable video, Lizzie meows at her mom, who replies that she needs to study but could be persuaded to cuddle instead. Check out the adorable video to see how Lizzie convinces her mom cuddle in bed with her.

Aww, Lizzie is so sweet! When she and her mom finally got in bed together, Lizzie snuggled up to her mom for some pets, and Lizzie licked her hand a few times in return. We're so glad Lizzie got her cuddles in!

People in the comments think this video is the perfect example of how cats show their love for humans. @littleabs2005 said, "And people say cats are evil when they are literally the sweetest pets in the world." Another user, @2many2much commented, "I can't believe people say cats are heartless." Cats are truly so affectionate with the people they love!

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Others thought this video had many sweet kitty moments to notice! @xella_07 commented, "She started purring as soon as she jumped on the bed," and @jadee.str said, "The way she holds out her paw to you," which is a sign of affection from cats. This kitty is doing all the right things to get some cuddles from her momma!

As pet owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to say no to our fur babies! Every time our pets ask us for cuddles, we drop everything to give them some love, which usually results in them sitting on our laps while we work. Luckily, this seems like a winning situation for everyone!

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