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Cat's Affinity for Owner's Head Massager Reminds Us Why We Love Cats So Much

When there's a cat in the house, there's no such thing as a boring day. Even if your timid feline spends all day hiding, the anticipation and surprise of finally finding them can be entertainment in itself. 

Mr. Milo the Chonk, as his human mama Erika affectionately calls him, is no shy guy. He loves attention, and he's recently become so fond of Erika's head massager that it's practically his. Naturally, this spoiled boy is delighting his 2.1 million followers with his need for scratches, and we are 100% here for it. 

Milo is a tabby cat who knows what he wants, and it's just the best. Just like commenter @janethawkins04 said, "his face when he’s being massaged 😂" could keep us laughing for days. If that's not a happy kitty, we don't know what is! 

"Bro went from being a homeless street cat to the most sophisticated cat I’ve ever seen 😂," wrote @ad614ohio. Isn't it the sweetest story? If there's an animal who deserves the ultimate head scratches, it's definitely this boy. He lives a life of luxury--exactly as it should be! 

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"So you tested the massager for the bougie king Milo 😂," commenter @aplexw0e pointed out. LMAO--we suppose she did! It probably makes perfect sense to Milo, but it seems like Erika is still a bit baffled by his new obsession. Time to get used to it, girl! 

"Oh you’ve done it now!" warned @nonikim. "He’s going to want longer & longer sessions, don’t forget the spa music, low lighting, paw massage you’ve opened Pandora’s box!" We simply cannot wait for Milo's future videos with his new massage tool--he's going to be so spoiled! 

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