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Cat's Jealous Reaction to His Parents Hugging Is Too Sweet for Words

Unfortunately cats can sometimes be the jealous type. Like when their owners pay more attention to another animal in the house — or worse yet, when they give more attention to each over them. Take for instance one Ragdoll cat on TikTok, who was really resenting his mom and dad after they didn't include him in a hug. 

Little Yoshi and his sister Eevee are two fur-siblings from Illinois, who are just the sweetest. But hey, everybody's allowed to have their sour moments. For Yoshi, his was caught in a recent video on his owner's TikTok page @eeveeandyoshi. Apparently, the cat did not like being excluded from the affection his owners were showing each other and he was definitely not afraid to let them know it. "You want to join the hug?" his mom asked him in the footage. Um, yes Mom. Of course I do, he was probably thinking. Just look at how happy Yoshi was when he's finally included. 

With over 1.6 million views, video of Yoshi looking for love have attracted a lot of attention. "Why are you hugging each other when you could be hugging ME," @caramelmintchip joked in the comments section. "He’s tapping you guys so politely I canttt," @delilahanddecklyn added. "Mama how dare you do this to me," @lina_lucio teased. "The way he asked [was] so polite and the way he gently pushed at you [was] so adorable," @cherokee755 chimed in. 

Hilariously, Yoshi's mama later shared video of her baby seriously not feeling the physical affection. From the first video, we'd never be able to tell that "90 percent of the time" Yoshi hates being touched.

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Cats! You can't live with them, you can't exclude them from your hugs.

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