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Neighborhood Cat Asks Kitty to Come Out to Play and It's Too Cute

It's always nice to have a friend in your neighborhood. Whenever you're feeling like you want some company or a playmate, you can walk over to your friend's house and see if they're free. When one kitten moved into the neighborhood, their neighbor's cat immediately attempted to make friends.

TikTok user @_meredith_802 recently shared a video of her kitten, a tuxedo cat, meeting a neighborhood cat through the window. In the video, the kitten and the cat exchange a series of meows through the screen in the window. Check out the video to see these cats meet each other and become friends! 

Awww, this is so sweet! While we don't recommend letting your kitten outside unsupervised, perhaps the other cat can come inside for a playdate. We see a friendship in the making!

Some people in the comments think that these cats are actually having a disagreement in this conversation! @annettewilliams77 said, "Those are not nice meows. The neighbor's cat wants to throw down," and @deathrowinmat3 commented, "They are exchanging fighting words." If this is the case, we are hoping for a friends-to-lovers storyline!

Other users found this video very captivating. @iloveyoubjune said, "I can’t stop listening to this, and that worries me a little." A few users, such as @its_your_bestie4life, suggested a safe way to introduce them: "Get a harness and leash so you can take him outside that way he they won’t get into a fight and he can’t run away." We hope these two are able to be friends!

While we love the idea of these kitties becoming best friends, this kitten's mom should definitely talk with the older cat's mom and discuss safe ways for them to meet. We hope to get a happy update soon!

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