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Cat's Precious Way of Demanding to Go on a Walk Is So Irresistible

Pets are sometimes too smart for their own good. And in many cases, too cute. That's why some pets have a certain advantage over their owners. (Aka us, lol!) We drop everything when our pets want attention. They get endless treats because we can't say no and of course, they get away with doing bad things too. As it turns out, it's their world and we're just living in it. 

One cat, known on TikTok as @i_am_whiskey, knows his cuteness advantage and is definitely using it in this recent video. Whiskey the cat loves being outside and going on walks, but one is never enough. He always wants more. So to demand another walk, he hopped back into his walking stroller. Lol yes, Whiskey has his own stroller! When his owner found him there waiting, she asked what he was doing since they had just returned from a walk. Whiskey's response is absolutely priceless!

Aww! All those meows were him demanding that she take him out at once. One more walk wouldn't hurt! Think about it this way, you'd never have to go to the gym with all those walks! And seriously, how on earth could anyone say no to a demanding cat?! We wouldn't want to get on his bad side. LOL! 

If this owner doesn't want to take Whiskey out, there are plenty of TikTokers that will. @kristinlynn34 said, "I'll take him on a walk!" We'd say we're next to take Whiskey on a walk, but TikTokers are falling in line for this job. We're already behind! 

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And for those who aren't volunteering their time to walk Whiskey, they're demanding this owner take him out again! "How dare you say no to the floof! 😂," commented @Blade Liger521. If Whiskey wants another walk, she better take him on another walk! @courtney_sylvester added, "I swear his meow sounds like NOW." LOL! It 100% does sound like that! Whiskey's the king of the house so she better take him out in his carriage soon! 

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