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Video of Cat Slowly Warming Up to Couple's New Baby Is So Full of Love

We always dream that one day our future baby can grow up with our fur baby. We bet a lot of others have the same dream. You might have worries that they won’t get along, but more often than not it turns out perfectly. 

TikTok user @alexabwhitney shows us that the relationships with fur babies and tiny humans can take time, but never ever give up. The way this Black Cat grew to loving the baby is seriously as sweet as it gets! 

Aww, we love a happy ending! We’re so glad this cat came around to the baby and that they’re besties now. The creator said it didn’t happen over night. By two weeks the cat tolerated the baby and then by two months she started interacting with the tiny human. Baby steps! 

“Typical cat. ‘NO I WON’T HAVE IT…hmmm curious…ok I’ll allow it,’” said @therubberducky__ . Ha! That’s usually how it goes! “And being exposed to cats at a young age taught me to be gentle. Not just with animals but in general!” commented @ericasphilman. Aww! That’s even more reason to get pets.

@trixiee_tux wrote, “It’s amazing when cats know they need to be gentle and have their soft paws out only.” Right!? Absolutely so sweet this cat knew to do that. “Always makes me sad and angry when someone says oh we have to rehome our cat because we are having a baby. Absolutely no need. This is living proof,” said @kjw3cats. Exactly! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


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